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We deliver genuine parts. This means you will find in our selection everything manufacturers provide for their cars

Motor parts
Chassis components
Body parts

What we do


1. Perfect parts identification

We have all the necessary Software for the proper identification and through our online ordering system purchasing is easier than ever.


2.Fast delivery & competitive prices

We supply directly from Germany several times a week, that's why we can provide fast delivery and competitive prices.

Our products and services

  • Genuine parts
  • Genuine accessories
  • Parts information
  • Parts delivery

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Why choose us

We can supply every parts available at the factory.

We work hard for your satisfaction.

  • If you don't have time keeping contact with more than 25 dealers and boring to wait forever to get the price quotations and to receive orders with the identified parts, you should contact us, because we are the one-stop shop for all brands.

    FS, Founder of Company
  • With more then 15 years of experience in the car parts market we offer proper identification, best quality, fast delivery, affordable prices, and long-term relationship to our customers.

    FS, Founder of Company

Why genuine parts?

1. Endurability

Quality is much more than just functionality, it's about performance over time and endurance as they are engineered specifically for your car wth the finest materials.

2. Longevity

Regulary servicing your car using genuine spare parts ensures that your installation will last longer. We guarantee that each new components performs equally well as the part it replaces. For example a Genuine Filter lasts 45% longer than it's aftermarket version.

3. Safety

Thanks to continuous improvements based on testing and research with genuine parts you can reach the maximum safety for brake system and the electronic safety systems such as ABS, ASR, and ESP and for collision parts such as fenders, doors, hoods, structural parts, or trim pieces.

4. Quality

Genuine parts are engineered to work with the other parts and systems, and they are made with the finest materials available. Subjected to rigorous qualitative testing, each part comes fully certified.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Genuine Parts combine exceptional quality, a long service life and the complete service - and all at a reasonable price and from a single source, which makes them particularly cost-effective.

6. Availability

We offer you the complete range of genuine parts for your car. Our sophisticated logistics ensure that everything will be available to you as quickly as possible.

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